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May 19, 2010

Pithy Prose – Devious Muse

Filed under: Pithy Prose — Stephen L. Thompson @ 3:05 am


A third of the chocolate, hot fudge sundae was gone before Mike opened his writing notebook.  Probably not a good sign, he thought.  It had been a few months since he had submitted anything to the writing group he belonged to, and at the last meeting – after some friendly chiding – he had promised to have something for the next time.  The next time was in six days.  All he had was a blank page.

Today, instead of going to his local coffee shop after work to write, Mike had gone to his local ice cream “shoppe” in the hope a change would spark an idea.  His only idea, so far, was that on hot and humid days like this, a sundae was better than a cup of tea.

Another chunk of the sundae disappeared before Mike wrote the date on the blank notebook page.  After tapping his pen on the paper, Mike wrote, “I’m in a funk.” A moment later he added, “I’m in a really bad funk.”

A layer of fudge on the bottom and melted ice cream was all that was left when Mike snorted a laugh and wrote, “My muse has forsaken me.” With another snort of laughter, he added, “My muse was beat up by the Funk Monster.”

Intrigued, Mike thought, Can I do anything with the Funk Monster?  He finished off the sundae while he thought about that.

Setting the empty cup aside, Mike wrote, “Funk.  Funk.  Funk.  Funkity Funk.  What the Funk.” He went back and underlined his earlier, “My muse was beat up by the Funk Monster.” That’s a possibility.  He then wrote, “Did my muse put up a good fight or did he take a dive?”

Mike sat up straighter.  He could almost feel the gears in his head clicking together.

He underlined “dive” several times, before writing, “Why would my muse take a dive?” After a moment’s thought he added, “He let the Funk Monster win – temporally – so I’ll be more appreciative of him when he came back.  The bastard.” Mike had the image of a sleazy bar in a dusty corner of his mind.  His muse enters, wearing a cloak.  He goes up to the Funk Monster’s table and says … “Tony sent me.”

Mike sat for a few minutes with a glazed look in his eyes.  He then turned to a new page, and began writing.


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  1. I love it! Damn devious muse — tricked you when your back was turned. 🙂
    I want to read this story!!

    Comment by Gretchen — June 1, 2010 @ 6:15 pm

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